Colin's 40-year capital markets career spans the gamut from risk arbitrage trading to advising family offices on alternative asset allocations and direct investments in privately held businesses.

After his start as a trader, Colin opened Mabon Nugent's Boston office where he managed institutional equity sales. He then joined Lehman Brothers as its global account manager for Boston where he also spearheaded their efforts to capitalize on the emerging hedge fund and private equity markets.

Colin's focus on advisory services began in 2004 when he joined Deutsche Bank. With the broad mandate of delivering alternative asset services to middle market clients, Colin led a team helping family offices access hedge funds, structured products, and insurance based collateral notes--which was his introduction to  the life settlements market.


Most recently, Colin provided investment banking services to emerging life sciences companies and the institutions who invest in them.


Colin earned an M.S. in Accounting from the New York Institute of Finance, and a BS in Economics, with honors, from Amherst College.